My Equipment

Here you will find a list of all the equipment I currently own, also each item is linked to eHam for reviews and guides, I have found eHam invaluable for choosing the right equipment for my shack since my return to the hobby.


ICOM IC7000  – Main shack HF Rig but also UHF/VHF
Yaesu 747 – My first ever HF Rig, owned it for 15 plus years, needs a service but more for recieve nowdays.
Kenwood D710 – 2/70 Mobile, first radio to have built in Echolink TNC and APRS.  Overkill for a shack radio but very nice.
Yaesu 2900r – My dedicated 2 Mtr Echolink radio, I paid $140 after a rebate from Yaesu, 75w out but it has overheated on me but it does work very well and built like a tank!
Yaesu 7900r – My mobile radio for 2/70, sister of the 2900r.
Yaesu FT-2200 – Old 2 Mtr radio thats used for Packet.
Baofeng UV-5R – 2/70 Handheld, for $50 great little radio although audio could do with improving.
Standard C510A – Old Handheld from a now defunked company, does the job, power output is a little low for my liking, nice loud audio.
President Lincoln – Wondeful little 10 Mtr radio.


Solorcon A-99 – A 10 Mtr antenna very popular on 11Mtrs that can be tuned all the way down to 20 Mtrs, works great up on 12 Mtrs and those top bands, 20 I find the wire better.  Love my A-99.
Comet GP-15 - Works so well in England I bought one for Florida too.  Tri Band Verticle.
Alpha Delta DX-CC – 82′ No Trap 80 thru 10 Dipole, Great wire antenna, very pleased with contacts made so far on HF.
Arrow OSJ Model J146/440 – 2/70 Works ok….just ok.  Used on Packet now.
Cushcraft A270-6  – 2M/440 3 Elements (each band) Beam, works great for all Central Florida repeaters.
Larsen NMO 2/70 – Highly recommended 2/70 Mobile antenna, to be installed/tested.
Comet M24-M – Dual Band Mag Mount Mobile Antenna, works reasonably well in local area.


Sadelta Echo Master Plus Classic - My favorite base mic, had it for years, just love it.
Astatic Silver Eagle D-104 – The classic lollipop mic, I have the final edition in the glass case, so nice I won’t use it!  No finger prints on mine!’
Astatic 575 m6 aka Teardrop – Another great mic, audio is perfect, features Vol and Tone dual controls!  If you find a mint one expect to pay $90+.
Astatic Echomax 2000 – Awesome mic, paid $5 for one that was messed up at Orlando Hamfest and spent $15 fixing it with new switches and knobs, love it.
Astatic D104-M6B – Astatic Hand mic, another good one on par with the Teardrop, no tone control only volume.
Highgear Cobra HG M84 – Untested but nice looking mic I picked up new at HamFest Orlando.

Misc Equipment:

LDG Z-100 Plus ATU – Want a cheap ATU that works well? Look no further, just over $100 and tunes anything I have put on it inc an Antron 99.
Samlex SEC-1223 – Solid little 23amp switching PSU.  Run everything I have on it so far.
Pyramid PSV300 – OK this little power supply has a bad reputation which I really don’t think is deserved.  I need a PSU fast, I had an Amazon Prime membership, its $59 for a 30 amp supply but from what I read its more like 25amp,  the fan is annoying so M1DYP suggested I buy Fan-mate, I wired it all up, turned the fan down and it runs full power and doesn’t even get warm.  Just read the eHam reviews and follow a couple of suggestions, I have no HF RFI that others mention.
Zalman Fan Mate 2 – Use with the Pyramid PSU above to lower noisy fan speed.
MFJ 1116 - Power Distribution module, keeps the shack tidy from power cables. Up To 15amp only or you blow the fuse….like I did ;)
MFJ -822 – HF/VHF SWR /Wattmater 1.8 MHz – 200 MHz - Orlando HamFest Special not used it yet but still testing.


Kamtronics KPC-3 Plus – TNC used for APRS
Signalink USB - Used for my Echolink node.
Rigblaster Plus - Still testing.

UK Remote Rig Station Equipment:

Remoterig RRC-1258MkII - This makes the magic happen, one for home and one for away.
ICOM 706MK2G - Great radio, prefer it to my IC7000 if I am honest.  HF,2,70,6 and 4Mtrs.
Comet GP-15 - Vertical Tri Band Home base antenna, works great for me.
Solorcon Antron 99 - Great 10 Mtr antenna and tunes all the way to 20 Mtrs.
WA2NAN True-Talk G5RV – Highly recommended wire. To be installed/tested.
ICOM AT-180 ATU – Matching tuner for the ICOM 706. To be installed/tested.
Antenna Switch 1269 - By Remote Rig, a 10 port antenna switch that can be controlled over the internet via a web GUI.  To be installed.
Comet CF-706 – to be installed/tested.
THE EXCALIBUR mkII – 4 Mtr 70 – 71 MEG 1/2 Wave Base Vertical Antenna, to be installed/tested.
Arctic USB Speakers - Used from the RR in Florida, good quality audio, very pleased.

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